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Ad Specs 2023

Ad Specs are an important part of your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Ad Specs

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Why are ad specs important?

A big part of being successful with Social Media campaigns is to create engaging, creative social media ads.  To be certain you get the best return on your investment you need to be sure that you adhere to each specific platform’s guidelines regarding specifications and design.  Not adhering to the guidelines set forth by each platform may cause issues with uploading your content and stop your campaign in its tracks. How well your ads will do will depend on how well you follow the guidelilnes for each such as the size of the images, best aspect ratios,  length or duration of videos.

Paid social media is such a critical part of Getting You Noticed in today’s market you really won’t want to risk it!


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Promote your Facebook network and grow your page likes with a sponsored click campaign. Leverage this vital data to enhance your reach and identify customers.
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