Local SEO Services - Get on the Map!

The way people find and research local businesses has evolved. People search Google, read the reviews then decide on whether to make a purchase or not and the businesses leveraging local SEO are the ones who are thriving. 97% of consumers search online to find a local business even though the purchase is going to be made locally, 78% of mobile local searches resulted in in-person purchases at local businesses. According to Google, “Small Businesses that are making the most of online are 2.8 times more likely to enjoy revenue growth than those who do not”. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 70% of local businesses fail by their 10th year in business.

We help future-proof local businesses by strengthening their position on Google Maps and generating more leads from Google. How? Local SEO… Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is a way to market your local business online and ensure you reach local customers at the exact time they’re looking for you online.

How does Google determine which business should be in the top three of the Google Business Listings, also known as Google Maps?

There are three main factors Google uses, the first is proximity, which you can’t control or influence other than having a location in that area. If you’re a lawyer based in Pensacola and somebody searches for Lawyers in Panama City, you are not going to appear in the results. The second factor is Relevance. If you’re an injury lawyer and a person searches for a defense lawyer,  it’s unlikely that your business will be returned ahead of businesses that are defense lawyers. The third factor is Prominence/Authority. Google uses various third-party signals like reviews and backlinks (Links from other sites directed towards your business website) to determine a business’ prominence and authority. These are the three things our Local SEO focuses on to improve your Google Maps Ranking.

Google My Business (GMB) is your new home page and makes up 25% of the ranking factors for how well your business will rank. It’s vital for local search and your business. Your GMB profile is how most potential customers will discover and evaluate you online. If you don’t have a well optimized Google My Business listing it’s impossible to succeed in local search.

One of the most important steps is using data to determine what terms to target, so we use Google’s keyword planner to discover relevant search terms that have high search volume for your business. We use this data to optimize your Google business listing making sure it is fully accurate and complete.

We use commercial tools to determine why your competitors are performing so well and incorporate the findings into our strategy. We see what backlinks they have so we can get similar ones for your business.

We Report, You See Everything

Imagine a picture window into the deep waters of the internet, allowing you to see how every potential customer and client finds your site. With our promise of full disclosure and 100% transparency, the water is crystal clear. It’s our privilege to show you all the points of interest so by the time we’re done, you’re fully aware of how we’ve helped grow your revenue and achieved all the “things to do” on your SEO bucket list.

  • Our extranet/client portal grants access when you want, where you want.
  • Thorough Google Analytics reports of your site’s SEO performance.
  • Each month we’ll share a detailed breakdown of all SEO strategies we’ve completed, so you see the complete ROI picture.
  • Phone, Skype, Zoom, and email communication available.
  • Search ranking reports available for determining up-to-the-minute keyword success.

Why K Moody & Associates?

Digital Marketing Companies are like cryptocurrency. Many people claim to know what they do, but few really understand them. With us it’s simple: We grow your business. Full stop. You’ll know right out of the gate whether or not we’re successful by checking your bank account. If it’s not trending up, then we’ve let you down. Here’s how we S-E-O: Seek Every Opportunity:

  • We listen to you. More importantly, we hear you. Only then do we strategize and exercise our right to help your business.
  • Data. Data. Data. It never leaves our focus. Data. (See?)
  • Who are your competitors? When we’re done, there will be none.
  • If Content is King, professional, snappy copy is the Queen.
  • Intricate, detail-coded backlinking is our sweet spot.
  • Pushing content across all social media, relevant websites, and traditional / new media domains.
  • Track and Feel: We’re Google Analytics athletes. That said, we understand there are other data tracking options, and we use them.

We Say What We Mean and Mean What We Say

We’ve been there. Someone promised the moon and the stars, then handed us a bottle rocket and a pack of matches. Morals and ethics rank high on our list of values, and all our clients can vouch for our deliverables. Digital marketing is no different from any other business. If word gets out that you’re scamming folks by pretending to know what’s up, your reputation will suffer. We see things from your perspective and expect only the best from ourselves. It’s in our DNA: Deliver Now Always.

Limited budget? We have a plan.