Google Analytics

Making Google Analytics Work for You

Until someone shows us a better tool, we’ll continue using Google Analytics, just like most of the top websites on Planet Earth. As partners, we’ll constantly update you on all marketing efforts and provide insight into the data. It goes without saying (but we’ll say it), we are proud Google Analytics nerds.

When is being audited is a good thing?

Like getting a physical, from time to time your site needs a check-up. We’ll poke and prod every page to ensure there are no gaping gaps and tricky traps in the data collection process. In geek speak, we audit:

  • Account Linking
  • Configuration
  • Tracking Code
  • Data Integrity
  • Conversion Tracking

Check-up & Set-up

Never fear! Our team of pros is here! We’ll get you rolling with a new or existing Google Analytics account. More importantly, we comb through the analytics account to ensure correct configuration and that we, as a team, are capturing quality business data, not just quantity.

Consult and Verify

Have Google Analytics already in place? Great! We’ll be your “Analytics Whisperers,” coaxing your data to behave and do more. Our crack team actually sits down, offers you coffee, and talks with you in order to determine your data goals. In short, we will:

  • Generate Reports Specific to Your Site Needs (and Wants)
  • Find Viable Ways to Aggregate Data Across Multiple Domains
  • Interpret Past, Present and Future Data
  • Increase Conversions

Our Google Analytics Services = Data-Driven Results

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