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You’re in store when a clerk walks up and says, “Can I help you?” What’s your go-to response? “No thanks, just browsing.” Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is turning your “just browsing” site visitors into “I’ll take all this outdoor furniture” customers. It’s all about creating a buying mentality using call-to-action and other strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your website.

Ask any coach and they’ll tell you, leads are great, but blown leads hurt. Closing out games by turning leads into wins takes skill and experience, two things we’ve got. We’ll mow down challenging areas and map out a winning game plan you’ll CRO about!

CRO Strategy

You’ve invested in SEO and PPC campaigns, which is smart. Going the extra mile to include conversion optimization services, however, is brilliant. The same way salt makes chocolate taste better, CRO dramatically improves ROI on other marketing investments. Our offerings include:

  • Hands-on audits done by an expert
  • Deep research covering every phase of the customer journey, including:
    • A call-to-action that sings
    • Landing pages with captivating content
    • Search query nuances
    • A rock-solid value proposition
    • Slick and seamless checkout & contact flow
  • Focus on Data-Driven strategies guaranteed to increase conversions
    • A/B testing on so many levels, ranging from aggressive calls-to-action to splashy vs. corporate landing pages
    • Cleaning the site of any drop-off points discovered through an in-depth Google Analytics review

Instead of throwing spaghetti on the wall, we provide:

  • A cornucopia of multiple web services. Diagnosing your conversion issues helps solve them. Duh. But we’re also experts in SEO, social media, content writing, PPC & Adwords, web design, and both kinds of music: Country and Western! Lots of digital marketing agencies write checks their team can’t cash, but K Moody & Associates is an extension of your office, your brand, and your mission.
  • Your needs are our wants. Give us a wish list and watch us go to town! Also, and this may be tough to hear, but some things we suggest may never have occurred to you. Think of us as a hairdresser talking you out of bangs and into a sassy up-do! (Men, disregard that last line. We will never talk you out of bangs.)
  • Honest input from experienced pros. Optimizer tools are like week-old Publix donuts—a dime a dozen. Some run automated audits looking for red flags, and some even pass as efficient. But remember, a robot audit (robaudit?) doesn’t know when a landing page’s image or heading tells the customer a contradictory brand message. We do!
  • 16 years of experience, and that’s just from one guy! We’ve grown by leaps and bounds over the years, and our certifications, awards, and testimonials are bona fides for all our digital marketing services.

The waiting is (not) the smartest part

Each time your site doesn’t convert, you lose revenue. Imagine the impact of just one or two more sales every day. Translation: When a 1% conversion rate increases to 2%, your leads have doubled with the same amount of visitors. By this time next year, you’re buying that vacation on Elon’s rocket to Mars!

Let’s crow about CRO!

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K Moody & Associates is a full-service digital marketing agency headquartered in Destin, FL, providing Global SEO and Marketing services.